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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

One thing I've learned about Boston is these northerners don't have anything on our burgers and tacos.

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proudest monkey tacos
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Listen, someone had to say it. Texans just know what they're doing when it comes to burgers and tacos. And when you find a place that makes both? You know you scored big. 

Proudest Monkey is a cool little restaurant in Downtown Bryan right next to The Queen theater. It's always the first place that comes to mind when I have clients, friends, or family in town who want to try something new and different. Their burgers and tacos will give you an orgasm in your mouth. No joke people. Remember the chorizo & beef burger recipe I posted a while back? It's a copy cat of their El Jefe. (And let me tell you, it really is the boss of all burgers.)

One of the reasons I love Proudest Monkey is that it brings that cool, urban vibe that small college towns can lack. All the walls are lined with exposed brick and they have this gorgeous wood bar. They always have good music playing and TVs playing sports. Honestly, I'm sitting here trying to think of other words to describe it, but the only word that comes to mind is cool. You just feel like a cool, hip person every time you eat at this place. (I swear I'm 24 and not 60, y'all.) I guess I love it because it's a cool bar/restaurant to hang out at for post-grads. Everything in town is usually targeting the students and I love that this place is just about having a fantastic meal in a nice atmosphere.

I love their menu because they throw twists to your average burger and taco. This night that I went with some friends, we ordered the Pulled Hammy and the Cuban tacos, along with a Grilled Cheesy. SO. FREAKIN. DELISH. I was really surprised that I liked the Grilled Cheesy. It has tomato, pickles, and jalapenos stacked on top of 3 different cheeses. It was just a phenomenal combo. 

They also have salads for those days you're feeling like you need veggies in your life. I've had both the Farmer's Market and the Taco-ish salads. They are soooo huge. Trust me, I can barely finish the salad every time I order one. They're so good though and all of the ingredients taste so fresh. 

The first time you go to Proudest Monkey, though, you absolutely have to try their sweet potato fries. Get them dirty with a side on monkey sauce. Do it. You will never eat sweet potato fries the same ever again.

Have you ever been to Proudest Monkey? What's your favorite meal to get there?

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