What To Pack: New England Edition

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

So, I have some pretty big news... I'm moving to Boston!

what to pack for new england

I'm one of those blessed millennials who works in a flexible work place. (Read: I am extremely spoiled by my job! Honestly, I work for the best company in the world.) We can work wherever we want, whenever we want. Most of the time, I choose to work 9 to 5 at the office - but some days I work from home or hit up a local coffee shop for a change of scenery.

Since I don't have any events to oversee for the rest of 2015, I decided to take advantage of our flex work environment and head to Boston for a month and a half to visit my bestie and her hubby.

I'm so excited but at the same time worried that I might not be prepared for New England weather. I literally picked the worst month to give up shopping, so some preplanning for November won't hurt. :)

I've been online shopping like a maniac trying to figure out what pieces to add to my wardrobe that make sense for Boston, but will still be wearable whenever I come back to Texas in December. I absolutely can't wait to start packing. This roundup will definitely be helpful when I start pulling items from my closet or adding them to my online wish list!

Have you been to Boston? What do you recommend for a New England fall?

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