The Scoop // Vol. 4

Friday, October 2, 2015

"Don't let yesterday take up too much of today." 

That's my mantra this week. It has been a very very long week. All I have to say is thank goodness it's the weekend!


I decided to give up shopping for the month of October because my bestie Kathryn inspired me when she accomplished her No Shop September. I mean, she's a shopaholic (I say that lovingly). It's quite an accomplishment. :) So, be fully prepared for a lot of wants this month on The Scoop shop lists.

+ J.Crew is having it's last 5 Days of Fall sale today. Get an extra 40% off sale items with the code DAYFIVE.

+ Speaking of J.Crew, one of my goals for 2015 was to invest in basics. I've had my eye on these leggings for a while now. I think November will be perfect timing for me to buy them! 

+ I'm kinda obsessed with these Joe's flared jeans and they're on sale right now!

+ The floppy hat trend has literally infected my brain and I can't stop looking the perfect one. This one, this one, and this one are my favorites so far. (AND all under $60!)


+ If you Netflix binge as much as I do, then you'll want to see what's coming and going for the month of October.

+ The Martian. I was pretty much sold after I heard Matt Damon's name. I'm going to see it tonight and I cannot wait.


+ It's First Friday! Head to Downtown Bryan for live music, awesome food, and much needed drinks to kick off your weekend. 


+  ICYMI, College Station was voted Most Exciting Place in Texas. I mean, I'm not surprised. ;)

+ This tip for applying foundation makes so much sense. I never thought about doing that. Life changing, my friends.

+ I surprisingly get a lot of questions on how to to start a blog. If you're new to blogging, check out my Pinterest board for blogging. A lot of great resources to inspire you and get you headed in the right direction. You can also check out this post about choosing a blog platform and this post about what to do before you even type one word.

Are you doing anything fun this weekend? Have an awesome shopping find? Let me know!

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