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Friday, June 12, 2015

Friends, I found a few cool things around the web to liven up your Friday lunch break today.


+ I really need this gold and black globe in my life. Trying to resist shopping for my new place is super super super hard.

+ Speaking of decorating my new place, I've been obsessed with H&M's home section lately. Everything is extremely affordable - especially for us post-grads. Their pillow covers are on point. I know this one and this one will be making it into my home sometime soon.

+ This personalized marble and wood cutting board is gorgeous and the perfect gift this wedding season.


+ I'm sure the Aladdin vs Lion King Sing Off video popped up in your news feed several times this past week, but it's so freakin awesome that I can't not share it. (Have I listened to it 10 times while writing this post? Yup. That genie has skills.) This video convinced me that I need to go see Aladdin on Broadway.


+ This Call Your Girlfriend Podcast is for long distance besties everywhere and it's the shit. It's so perfect if you're in the zone working. The new intern at my office showed it to me and I listened to four episodes yesterday. Could. Not. Stop. Laughing. Definitely appresh it.

+ If you're trying to transition into a healthy lifestyle, follow @whole30recipes on Instagram. I made one of their recipes earlier this week and it was soooo easy. They post new recipes every day, so I'm excited to try another tonight!


Julia Engel's post on her trip to Alaska with Carly from The College Prepster made me want to plan a cool and out of the ordinary adventure this summer. If you're not having wanderlust after reading it, 

+ This list on The 10 Things Ever College Graduate Should Know rang sooooo true with me and a must read for all recent grads.

+ For all my friends new to blogging, I highly recommend visiting The B Bar's resources to learn some blogging tips & tricks. A lot of my friends recently have become bloggers and asked how I know all that I know and The B Bar is definitely one place I go to time and time again when I have a question.

+ Speaking of new bloggers, everyone should start reading my IRL bestie's blog, Mrs. On The Move. She's new to blogging and is moving from Houston to Boston in less than a month! (But really, don't leave me!) I feel like we might have to start our own long distance besties podcast...though it would probably end up both of us talking while wine drunk. (Sounds like a blast to me!)

Happy Friday, y'all!

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