Lilly for Target

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Every sorority girl across the United States died from sheer happiness when Lilly Pulitzer and Target announced their new collection - I mean, let's be real. I flipped out. My boyfriend thought something horrible happened because I kept holding my hand up in the air trying to say "Holy crap, what is this amazingness?" but no words would fall out of my mouth.

As with every collection at Target, I've been planning out my shopping strategy - what to buy online and what to go grab in store. It's like Christmas came early! Honestly, I'm still trying to figure out how what I really really really want because buying everything doesn't fit into my shopping budget. Also, I'm still trying to figure out how to convince the bf that bright colored pillows are a must for our house. (But really - they are a must!)

What are your favorite items from the collection? Will you be hitting up Target on April 19th with me?


  1. Just catching up on your blog and I died laughing at this post... I love the "holy crap, what is this amazingness?" but no words fall out of my mouth. HAHA. Kindred spirits are we! What did you score on this shopping trip of amazingness??

  2. Lol I am not gonna lie, I was 5th person in line at the Bryan Target and I fast-walked (because running wasn't allowed) straight to the clothing section and just started grabbing stuff. I did the same at the home section and beauty section. I'm sure people hated me. But I did end up putting things back after I went through my haul. I got two dresses, a pair of shorts, a tank top, everything they had for a bar cart except for the glasses, the big round white tray, the white outdoor blanket, and two lip glosses.

    Did you get anything??

  3. We didn't make it in time - don't tell any of my sorority sisters! ;) By the time I got there it was all empty like the LP apocalypse happened.

  4. Oh goodness. That sucks! Yeah, my mom came to meet me at 9:00AM after I had been there for two hours already, and Target was completely wiped out. Girls love their Lilly.