Thursday, April 23, 2015

So, I'm sure you've walked or driven by the Parker-Astin building in Downtown Bryan thinking, "What is that place?"

BinarySpace Bryan, Texas

Don't worry. Many people thought the same thing. I did and so did Danielle Docherty. Thankfully, Danielle decided to go investigate and discovered BinarySpace, a co-working space that recently opened it's doors.

BinarySpace Downtown Bryan
Having worked in a co-working space before, she knew she wanted to be part of this new spot for creatives, makers, and entrepreneurs. Now, she helps manage BinarySpace. (I dubbed her BinarySpace Queen when we met.) 

Before Danielle reached out to me to visit BinarySpace, I actually had used the space before. The company I work for was having work done on our new office in January and we needed a place to meet with some clients. My boss knows the owner of BinarySpace so we reached out to them to rent their conference room (pictured below). At the time, I had no idea what BinarySpace was, but I was digging their open, welcoming work environment. 

BinarySpace Conference Room
When you first walk in, you realize that the space is a lot bigger than can be seen from the outside. It has the open area with a lot of desks for collaboration or individual work. In the back, there's a fully stocked kitchen with unlimited coffee and drinks (obviously, we took advantage of the beer when we rented the conference room) and a flex space that can be used for anything - photo shoots, lounging, team collab, etc. On the walls, there's artwork from local artists that they rotate in each month to inspire creativity for those working in the space.

They also have rolling white boards - my personal favorite thing because white boards are life when you're working out ideas. Their desks can be moved and configured in any way you need them to be. If you want privacy, they provide some dividers to put up around your spot. A Pandora station is always playing in the background and if you need to show something on a bigger screen, all of the TV's have Chromecast and AppleTV. I mean, this place is pretty freakin' cool.

On the right side of the room, there's a large stage area set up for events. On First Fridays, they use the stage for a live band and open up the space to the public to view the artwork. (Add visiting BinarySpace on First Friday to your Downtown Bryan bucket list.) They also rent out the entire space for events to anyone in the community or local organizations. So if you're looking for a spot for your next meetup, this is it. Trust me.

BinarySpace Front Lounge

BinarySpace Work Environment

BinarySpace Desks
BinarySpace Art Gallery
BinarySpace Flex Area
BinarySpace Fridge
BinarySpace Event Area
My favorite spot in the whole building is the little nook area under the stairs that they turned into privacy rooms. The Harry Potter lover in me couldn't help but have a big grin when I saw this. (I mean, hasn't anyone else wanted to hang out in the closet under the stairs? Asking for a friend.) There's a spot for two people to meet privately if they don't want to use the big conference room, and up the stairs there's a cute, comfy chair to sit in to make private phone calls. 

BinarySpace Privacy Room
BinarySpace is full of hidden gems. In the very back of the building, past the kitchen and through a door, is the MakerSpace. It has 3D printers, places for woodworking, welding, and whatever your heart desires to build or create. When you become a member of MakerSpace, you take an intro course to learn how to use everything in the space. This is a fantastic addition to BinarySpace because there aren't many places inventors, innovators, or creatives can go to work on their ideas and be part of a community that shares your joy for working with your hands to create something new.

MakerSpace in Bryan, Texas
Overall, I have to recommend this spot to any recent grads/professionals in Bryan/College Station starting their side hustle or free-lancers who work remotely and want to have a place to go to work everyday. BinarySpace offers a community to lean on and bounce ideas off of that you can't find anywhere else in the area. 

If you want to visit BinarySpace or join as a member, I highly recommend taking a tour. They offer a free one week trial if you want to test run the space and their membership fees are extremely reasonable. You can even rent a mailbox to use their address as your place of business. (So great for my fellow side-hustlers out there who don't want to expose their home address to customers or clients.)

If you want to meet some of the awesome members at BinarySpace, they're having an event tomorrow night at the New Republic Brewery. I'm talking awesome beer, lawn games, and food truck deliciousness. You don't want to miss on that, y'all. To stay up-to-date on their events, I highly recommend following them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

Have you been to BinarySpace before or are you a member? Would love to hear what you think!


  1. This space looks so awesome. I love the idea of community. It can get lonely and uninspiring working from home all alone. I find I'm way more productive in a serting like this. Hope it does amazing! Plus i love new people coming to the geart of bryan.

  2. I agree! It's nice to be able to bounce ideas off of other creates or just have someone to talk to when you need a mind break. I'm excited to see the future of BinarySpace and their impact on the community!

  3. Amazing! Thank you so much for sharing a hidden gem that I would have never heard about! This space looks crazy cool and I can't wait to stop in and see for myself!

  4. Definitely go on First Friday sometime! I went in May and they had an awesome band playing and a lot of cool new artwork from local artists!

  5. Stephanie LeatherwoodJune 5, 2015 at 8:59 AM

    I heard about Binary Space from a friend but haven't been inside! I loveeee that they have a woodworking area. How cool is that? Totally want to go check it out!

  6. You should! They also have a secret rooftop patio on the top of the building that they rent out. Would be a cool place to have an event!

  7. UM YES PLEASE. I could totally throw party there. Added to my to do.

  8. This looks AMAZING! I'm thinking our next BCS bloggers meeting is here!

  9. Sorry if the meeting is there I am not welcome nor do I want to be in there. And the meeting space is NOT available to rent to anyone, they are selective.