#TheYOLOList // December 2014

Monday, December 8, 2014

the yolo list december 2014

Make Haystacks // Seriously, the winter holidays are my favorite time of year because my family has so many great traditions. One of my favorite holiday treats my mom makes every year are haystacks. They're the perfect combination of crunchy, salty, and sweet. I can't wait to share her recipe with you all next week! 

Shop Local // I decided that all of my Christmas presents this year would be from local stores and boutiques here in Bryan/College Station be cause I think it's important to support businesses in your community. I'm in love with these Cat Studio glasses that are at Pine Boutique right now. They're the perfect gift for a White Elephant or Secret Santa. They have a fantastic Pinterest board of gift ideas if you're still doing your holiday shopping (like me..whoops!).

I'm also obsessed with Sabi Boutique's Christmas Guide. I almost died from happiness when I saw that they're carrying GiGi New York purses like this one. It's been on my need right this minute list for a long time. (In case anyone is wondering what to buy me for Christmas... :) )

Visit Santa's Wonderland // If you live anywhere near College Station, you have to visit Santa's Wonderland. You absolutely have to go. Like, go buy your tickets right now. It is seriously so much fun and a great thing to do with your family and friends. You can either take a ride through the 37 acres and see the amazing light displays - just a casual two and half million lights are along the trail. No big deal or anything. If you're not into that (but seriously, do you hate Christmas? How can you not be into that??), then you can go hang out in Santa's Town to take pictures with Santa, browse the shops, eat good food, listen to live music, and a bunch of other cool things. Can you tell I love Santa's Wonderland? I can't wait to go!

Drink Nutella Hot Chocolate // This recipe from The College Prepster looks so freakin' delicious. I am a Nutella-addict. (I mean, who isn't?) But seriously, I'm the person who eats it off the spoon as snack. Her recipe looks super easy and will be the perfect treat for cold winter nights watching Christmas movies. 

But wait, there's even more things I'm excited to do this December: 

Adopt An Angel // A new holiday tradition I love is adopting an angel at our local Blue Baker on University Dr. Ross and I started doing this last year and it was so much fun finding gifts for this 11 year old boy in our area who wanted a skateboard and skateboard gear. I love the Christmas Angels program because it's such a great way to give to others, so I strongly encourage you to do it if you have the opportunity.

RAK Someone // I love hearing stories from people about how someone paid for XYZ or left a large tip on their tab. It inspires others to pay-it-forward which I think is needed at all times of the year. Last year, I gave a big tip to the pizza guy because it was like the Arctic in Texas (okay, 40 degrees, but still that's cold) and I felt bad he had to go out in the cold to deliver pizza. It was kinda funny when it happened because he turned around after he saw the tip and was like, "Wait, did you mean to write this?" And I was like, "yeah" and he was like, "are you sure?" and I was like, "Yup!" and a big smile came across his face. That moment was priceless. 

Get Fit // If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you've seen me struggle with getting in shape these past few years months. I've tried doing 30 Day Shred, Tone It Up, spinning every morning and night, and just discovered that working out alone at home just doesn't do it for me. The one time in my life when I actually saw results was when I was going to Zumba class religiously every week at Piranha Fitness. Tonight I'm going to my second class and am happy that I'm getting exercise back into my daily routine. 

Turn 24 // Seriously, I'm excited to be another year older! :)

What are you excited for this December?

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