8 Friends You'll Make in Your Early Twenties

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

eight friends from your early twenties

As my 24th birthday approaches, I'm starting to think more and more about the people in my life. I've legally been an adult now for about 6 years now - wow, that's a weird number to grasp - and it's funny the type of friends I've made throughout college and in my post-grad life.

This past week I was upset about the way a friend was acting and labeled her as the I'm Only Here If I Need You friend, which made me laugh and actually helped me get over being upset with her. Then, I just started going over all the types of friends I've made and the list below was born.

The Loyal Friend // This person is the best, yet most mistreated friend. They will be there for you at 3:00am or 3:00pm and respond to your texts within 5 seconds. Is someone talking trash about you? They've got your back. Are you going through a horrible breakup? They'll listen to your bipolar rants about how much you love and hate that person. Being a bitch to anyone who crosses your path? They'll forgive you in a heartbeat.

The Lifts Your Spirits Friend // This person always knows the right things to say to make you feel good about yourself. It's almost as if they're your own personal mirror on the wall telling you that you're the prettiest of them all. Gosh, you gotta love this friend. They're just so nice. They could never say a bad thing about anyone or anything. But, this is also why you only can take this friend in doses. It's nice that they're Polly Positivity, but sometimes you want to lock positivity up and go on a rant.

The Pick Up Right Where We Left Off Friend // AKA: The perfect friend. (Just kidding, but really...) You can see them once a year and it's like nothing has changed. I love that. I love when you click perfectly with someone and time doesn't take a toll on your friendship. You know what I mean? You can talk about anything and laugh about anything. It's just nice to have a friend where it's never awkward and you don't have to force conversation. 

The Party Friend // It doesn't matter if it's morning or night, it's always 5 o'clock somewhere with this friend. The only time y'all socialize is when it's over a drink...or ten. You can always count on them being available to hang out when you just want to have a good time. 

The I'm Too Old For This Friend // I'm not sure why, but there's a select few people who step over this imaginary line when receiving their college diploma that automatically turns them into a "mature" adult. You keep this friend around because y'all had so much fun together in college, but now they turn their nose up at your crazy shenanigans - like going to a bar on a Friday night...at 9:00pm. (Hello, that's their bed time!) 

The I'm Lonely & No One Else Is Responding Friend // You know this person. Their texts always start out saying, "Hey! It's been a while. Like, too long." And you know exactly where the conversation is heading. Their boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend/roommate/dog can't hang out with them and they hate being alone, so they wanted to see what you were up to because apparently you have no life. 

The I'm Only Here If I Need You Friend // This friend is the worst. They call or text you when they're having a life crisis, but if you're the one in need, don't expect a response back. It's like they entered into a world without cell service, yet they can still post on social media and text your mutual friends. They will blow your mind with their ability to turn every conversation back to their life or situation they're dealing with at the moment. 

The Frenemy Friend // Y'all know I couldn't leave this person out. Everything is a competition - your clothes, your makeup, your besties, your boyfriends, your jobs, your homes - everything. They purposefully post on social media after you post on social media so you know that they are having a better time than the one you're having at the moment. It can be a unfortunate friendship or it can drive you to be a better person. (Hopefully, the latter!) 

Do you feel your friends fall into any of these categories? If not, how would you describe some of the friends you've made in your early twenties?

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