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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

For my job, my office can be anywhere - a local coffee shop, a park bench, at our actual office, or at home on my couch while watching SATC. (Pretty lucky, am I right?) Lately, I've been working more from home, but I've started to put more hours in napping than work. (Whoopsy whoops. I have a comfy couch.) Long story short, I decided to make myself a home office of sorts in my living room so I can still get the benefit of watching SATC and stay awake while working.

The nerd in me immediately started looking for items to make my home office not feel like an office, but an area of inspiration. Offispo, if you will. (Not gonna lie, took me a while to figure out a nickname for office inspiration.) And as a girl who lives on a budget, it's really hard to convince me to buy things nowadays that are over $25 unless I really really need it.

home office supplies

{from top to bottom, left to right} 

What's black, white, and pink all over? Apparently, my new home office. I love all of these items because I feel like your home office should be fun with some classic elements as well. My favorite thing out of all of these are the #GirlyGirl pencils from Design Darling. She has a couple different sets that are all relatable and make me laugh. I can't decide between these or the #WhistleWhileYouWork set. Maybe I should get both? Yup. I agree. Thanks for the convincing.

For me, my home office needs inspirational items like the prints and coffee mug, pops of color, and the basic essentials (tape, pencil cup, stapler, etc) dressed in their best so they are not an eyesore on the desktop. I also included a vase from Design Darling because I love love love keeping fresh flowers on my desk when I can. Hopefully, by the end of next week I'll be able to show y'all pics of my home office. (Crossing fingers.)

Do you work from home or have a office/desk area at home? What are you favorite and essential items?

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