Monday Motivation // 09.15.2014

Monday, September 15, 2014

learn how to get motivated

The weather this weekend in Texas, y' was phenomenal. I mean, after the rain and flooding subsided, a wonderful cold front came through and made me feel like the season could actually be changing from summer to fall early. (That never happens!) With the seasons changing, it's time for us to transition our mindsets from fun, carefree summertime to a more focused fall.

The number one question we should take a good, hard look at this fall is what motivates you? This question has been plaguing my mind for the past two or three weeks. I write these motivation posts every week to push through an issue or keep inspired, but I've been taking note of what truly motivates me to do certain things throughout the day at work or at home. So, below are two tips to help you figure out what motivates you so you can kick ass and focus this fall!

1 // Reflect on why you completed a task or started an action. 
What made me do that? Why am I so excited to do this? Did you gain anything from what you did? What did you gain and why does that motivate you? These are all good questions to think about after you do something. I suggest carrying a little journal or jotting some notes on your phone throughout the day when you ask yourself these questions. At the end of the day, look over your notes and check to see if there were any trends.

For example, I noticed that throughout the day, I would really want to do something if I knew that my boss would be impressed. (I mean, I'm sure that's a normal thing but go with me here.) If he is impressed, I gain his trust to do more things. Gaining his trust not only gives me more responsibilities with my job, but it also opens the doors to more opportunities. So, I'm motivated to do a task at work if I know that it'll help me get more opportunities.

2 // Keep an eye out for what turns you off from doing a task.
Sometimes it's easier to figure out what doesn't motivate you compared to what does motivate you. For example, this week I discovered I avoid doing stuff when someone makes me feel bad for not doing it. I hate hate hate being guilted or feeling shame. Some people are motivated this way and I think they think others must be motivated this way as well. Like, if you said you were going to work out three days a week and don't do it, this person would say, "Well I thought you were going to do it. Do you want to be fat/gain weight/etc?" Yikes! I hate that. I have one friend who tries to use guilt/shame to push me to do things and finally I told them this week to stop because it was doing the opposite. I started to avoid the task. So if you are noticing a trend of some action or statements making you avoid doing what you need to do, take note of it because this will help you figure out what you do need to push forward.

Remember, what motivates me or another person may not motivate you at all. Don't be put off by that and don't sit around wondering, "Well, why can't I be that way?" I use to do this and it doesn't help. When Joan Rivers died a week and a half ago (she was a fantastic lady, y'all), I watched a lot of her tributes, comedy acts, and A Piece of Work. She was motivated by having a full schedule on the calendar and I was like, "Why can't I be awesome and start my day at 3:30am then end my day late because I was going nonstop?" I tried to have a full schedule from the moment I got up to the moment I lay down and I realized that didn't make me want to do things. It did the complete opposite.

So, what motivates you? Would love to hear your motivations or if you have any success with these tips! Leave a comment below or you can send me a private message here.

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