What To Wear: Texas A&M Sorority Recruitment, Part 2

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

texas a&m sorority recruitment

In my previous post, I shared outfit ideas for Go Greek Days, Philanthropy Day, and Bid Day. While I love those days, my favorite days have to be Skit Night and Pref (Preference) Night because you get to be all dressed up. Also, these last two days means recruitment is almost over and you're that much closer to finding your home! (I was Recruitment Vice President while in my chapter, so I have an unhealthy love for recruitment and home finding. It's exciting!)

texas a&m recruitment

The best night of the whole entire week, in my opinion, is Skit Night. All of the sorority women let loose and have a ton of fun planning and performing their skit for you. It's a really great night to get insight into the personalities of each chapter. Most of the sorority women will either be in their skit outfit or a nicer day dress. I suggest you take full advantage of this very entertaining night by wearing something that showcases your personality. For me, I like fun pops of color like the tangerine earrings in this outfit. For you, you might want to wear a patterned dress or a pair of bright wedges or heels. 

texas a&m sorority recruitment

Pref Night is the complete opposite of Skit Night. While Skit is a super fun night with loud decorations and great entertainment, Preference is a sweet, toned down night for reflection and getting insight to the sorority's values and rituals. The sorority women will be wearing cocktail dresses and heels, so you should do the same. You can't go wrong with your outfit if you stick to neutral or softer colored dress, neutral heels, and toned down jewelry. Even though I keep using the words toned down, neutral and soft, you can still let your personality shine through interesting details of your outfit like the ruffle on the dress, scallop on the heels, and chunky jewelry like in the outfit above. 

Insider Tips
I cannot stress enough how important it is to bring an extra pair of flip flops for these two nights. I mentioned this in my past post, but it is even more crucial for Skit and Pref because you will be wearing heels both days. Wear these between parties while you're walking to the houses. Your feet will thank you for the break. These parties are much longer than the first three days of recruitment. You will have the opportunity to sit down for some time during these parties, but you will still mostly likely stand for a good portion of the party. 

I also suggest bringing bandaids with you in your bag. Even if you're wearing flip flops between parties, I've seen my fair share of girls get blisters just from standing and walking around during the parties. Bring bandaids because it is completely unacceptable for you to wear your flip flops to these parties. I saw this happen when I went through recruitment and I saw it happen when I was recruiting. This might sound silly, but it's disrespectful to wear flip flops when all of the sorority women have spent so much time preparing these special nights in honor of you. 

So what if you're dying and you just can't put your heels back on? Bring a pair of nicer sandals with you as back up. I know it may seem ridiculous to bring three pairs of shoes to wear for one night, but better to be prepared than in pain. Trust me on this one. 

Remember, this week is all about you finding women who share your values and who you want to grow with in college. Don't stress out if you can't go buy a bunch of new outfits. Like I said previously, I pulled outfits straight from my closet. I just hope these outfit ideas help guide you through this exhausting, but wonderful week of sorority recruitment. 

If you want more outfit ideas, I suggest following Texas A&M's Collegiate Panhellenic Council on Pinterest. They post a lot of great outfit ideas for each day of recruitment.

Questions about recruitment or need help with outfits? Please feel free to ask!


And for your viewing pleasure, here is a picture of me before we started Skit Night in my awesome awesome awesome outfit. You can never have enough glitter and sparkle.

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