What to Wear: Texas A&M Sorority Recruitment, Part 1

Monday, August 11, 2014

texas a&m sorority recruitment

Long long ago when I first went through formal recruitment at Texas A&M, I was so lost. I had no idea what to expect, no idea what to wear, and no idea about sorority life in general. (#freshmanprobs?) 

I was so overwhelmed because Texas A&M sorority recruitment isn't just a hundred girls... it's hundreds on hundreds on hundreds of girls and growing. My year it was the biggest recruitment ever with 900 women going through recruitment. This year there are at least 1400 women going through sorority recruitment. That's a lot of girls. A LOT. It's easy to feel lost. Trust me, you're not alone. Girls ask me for advice every year before recruitment because they're lost too. So for the next two weeks leading up to Texas A&M formal recruitment, I'll be giving you the ins and outs of what you should expect and how to survive it all. 

My number one tip for formal recruitment is that you pick all of your outfits at least the week before recruitment. Try them on. Walk around in your shoes. Stand in your shoes for 20 minutes because you will be doing a lot of standing. You'll thank me later. There's nothing worse than wearing a new pair of heels, standing in them for what seems like forever, then not wanting to wear them for the rest of the night because your feet are swollen. 

Why am I recommending this? When I went through formal recruitment, I didn't pick out outfits ahead of time because I simply just didn't know that I needed to do it. (Sorority newbie, remember?) So every night after a long day of talking to sorority women and walking around sorority row, I would freak out and frantically text my Rho Gammas (your wonderful guides for the week) because I didn't know what was appropriate attire for each day. Don't stress yourself out like I did. You're going to be so exhausted that you won't want to even think. 

texas a&m sorority recruitment

For the first two days of recruitment called Go Greek, you'll be wearing the same t-shirt as everyone else that Texas A&M's CPC (Collegiate Panhellenic Council) gave you. On Bid Day, the sorority that extends you a bid will give you a t-shirt to wear when you arrive at their house (more on this next week) so that everyone will match. The best way to make yourself stand out from everyone is to add your personality to your look. Leave your Nike shorts at your dorm and dress up the t-shirt with a nice, fun pair of shorts, sandals, and simple jewelry.

Insider Tip: Definitely stay away from jeans or pants. It is going to be so hot outside and you'll be walking a ton, which means you will also be sweating a ton if you wear anything that goes past the knee. Also, bring a pair of comfortable flip flops. They're great for walking between houses, but change into your nicer sandals before attending a party. Sorority row is really big and you will hate yourself for getting blisters on the first day before you have to wear heels toward the end of the week. (Totally happened to me. #amateurmove)

texas a&m sorority recruitment

For philanthropy day, the sorority women will be a little more dressed up so you should dress up a little more too. I recommend wearing a nice sundress or a sweet skirt with a simple top and wedges or sandals. Again, you want your shoes to be comfortable if you choose either sandals or wedges because you're going to be standing for most of the party. These parties are a little longer than the first two days, so plan accordingly. Like I said before, flip flops for walking in between houses are your key to surviving all of the walking for the week.

Now, by no means am I recommending that you go out and spend hundreds of dollars on new clothes just for recruitment. I pulled outfits straight from my closet. You don't have to wear Kendra Scott or Tory Burch or whatever name brand you think sorority women wear. I wore Forever21, Target, and Old Navy. Work with what you have and what represents your personality. Trust me, sorority women don't know what label you're wearing. We're more interested in what you're like and if we see you as someone we could call sister. Your outfit is merely about making a great impression in the limited time we have to talk to you.

Be sure to come back on Wednesday for outfit ideas for Skit Night and Preference Night. If you are looking for more great outfit ideas for Go Greek and Philanthropy, I suggest following Texas A&M's Collegiate Panhellenic Council on Pinterest. They update it quite often with the perfect looks for each day. So check them out!

Are you going through Texas A&M's sorority recruitment this year? Have you already been through recruitment and have some tips of your own? Would love to hear your questions or tips!

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