What To Expect: Texas A&M Sorority Recruitment

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

texas a&m sorority recruitment

Recruitment is the longest and one of the most amazing weeks of your college life. I've said that a millions times these past two weeks because it is completely true. Below I've created a little guide for each day of recruitment to help you be as prepared as possible for this awesome week!

DAYS 1 + 2: Go Greek
According to the CPC website, the first two days of recruitment will go like this:

8 events, each visit 20 minutes in length, 15 minute breaks. Women will visit 6 chapters on this day, 2 of the events will be a 20 minute break
The Go Greek days are really great because you get to see a piece of every house on sorority row. Even though 20 minutes seems like a while, the time flies by so quickly. How? Think of it this way: it takes about 5 minutes or less to get all of the PNMs into the house. Talk for about 10 minutes, then another 5 minutes to get all of the PNMs out the door. So most likely, you will only have about 10-12 minutes of talking time and you may talk to 2 or 3 women throughout the party. So really, you have about 3 or 4 minutes to make an impression. Crazy, right?

Don't be scared off by that little time frame though. You will have enough time to ask any questions you might have for each house. I highly recommend coming in prepared with your top 5 questions you want to know for this day. 

Here's a list of example questions you should ask during Go Greek:

Why did you decide to go Greek?

What are the benefits of being Greek at Texas A&M?

How will being Greek benefit me when I graduate from college?

Are you involved in other organizations outside of the sorority/Greek Life?

How has being Greek helped your education at Texas A&M? 

Do y'all have study hours and are they required?

Do sisters often study together?

How do y'all support other sororities or fraternities in Greek Life?

Insider tip: So, I saw this funny thing about Texas A&M Recruitment that warned girls not to use the restroom during parties or they won't be invited back. Total myth! Recruitment is a long week and we understand that you don't want to use the outdoor restrooms. While I don't think you'll have much time to use the restroom during the first two days of recruitment because the parties aren't very long, you will definitely have time throughout the rest of the week. So please don't be scared to ask to use the restroom if you really need to go. (Now, if you stay in there the whole party because you don't want to be at that party, that's another story. Just don't do that.)

DAY 3: Philanthropy

Maximum of 9 visits, each visit 35 minutes in length, 15 minutes breaks.

I was going to say this is my favorite day of recruitment, but let's be real. Every day is my favorite day. Philanthropy day showcases each sorority's philanthropy they support. What is a philanthropy? It's just a fancy word for charity. Don't worry, I didn't know what a philanthropy was either when I went through recruitment.

On this day, you will usually watch a video about the sorority's philanthropy, go on a house tour, or do a craft to support the philanthropy. Some sororities may do one, two, or all of those things, but every sorority is different. Really pay attention on this day because sorority women are very passionate about their philanthropies and giving to others.

Additionally, this is your opportunity to learn more about the financial obligations of being in the sorority. Don't feel like it's out of place to ask about costs. That is something you really need to consider when joining a sorority. I've seen it happen so many times that women will join a sorority without knowing any costs at all, then have to leave because they didn't prepare how to pay for it. Remember, you not only will have dues each semester, but you buy t-shirts, PR gear, outfits for social events, etc. and it all adds up.

Appropriate questions to ask on this day:

What is your philanthropy?

What events do y'all do to support your philanthropy?

Do y'all do community service in Bryan/College Station?

Do you have a philanthropy committee?

Can new members join the philanthropy committee?

What are membership dues?

Are memberships dues due all up front? Do y'all have payment plans?

Does your sorority offer scholarships?

Do you require members to live in the sorority house?

How many years do members have to live in the sorority house?

What is/was your favorite part about living in the sorority house?

Insider tip: Panhellenic will explain this to you, but when they say you will attend a maximum of 9 parties, they mean you may not be invited back to 9 houses. Unfortunately, it's completely possible for you to not be invited back to all of the houses you selected the night before. In fact, you might be invited back to the houses that you didn't select the night before. Don't be upset by this. Your decision making just got that much easier. Think of it this way: why would you want to be apart of a sorority that didn't invite you back when there are several others that want you? As I said before, give the other sororities a shot before getting upset because they are all amazing and you will be lucky to join any of them.

DAY 4: Sisterhood Showcase/Skit 

Maximum of 6 visits, each 45 minutes in length, 20 minute breaks.

These parties maker for a super fun night. There will be a ton of laughing and a ton of excitement in the air. Everyone's skits on sorority row are so amazing. This is a great time to ask about what the sorority does for fun and how they strengthen the bonds of sisterhood. Because this is such a fun night and you're getting closer and closer to finding your home, there isn't much else to say except to enjoy yourself!

What do you do with your sisters outside of sorority events?

What type of events are planned for new members?

How do you help new members form bonds with the older members?

What is your big sister/little sister program like?

What things do you do with your big sister or little sister?

What is your favorite social event?

What type of social events do y'all have throughout the year?

How many social events do you have each semester?

What type of sisterhood events do y'all host throughout each semester?

Do you ever go on trips with your sisters?

DAY 5: Preference

Maximum of 3 visits, each 60 minutes in length, 30 minute breaks.

You may know exactly what sorority you want to join before you go to your preference parties, and that's totally fine! But this does not mean you should not participate or act interested at the other houses you visit this night. Ask questions. Listen to the ceremony. Even if this is not the sorority you want to join, you were given an invitation to share a special night with them. Respect that.

Remember that you're not guaranteed a bid from a sorority just because you list them as your top preference. Things happen (like I said in my past post). The worst thing you could do is be rude to the other sororities you don't want and then end up with a bid from one of them. Enjoy your preference night and all the ceremonies you get to experience. You'll never have a chance like this again.

Also, don't go in and announce that you want to go somewhere else. If a sorority woman asks if you found your home this week and you know you don't want to join that sorority, the appropriate response is "Yes, I think I may have." Then use this opportunity to ask her how she knew she wanted to be an XYZ. Even if you don't want to be whatever she is, you may relate to the reason why she wanted to join her sorority. Maybe it's the same exact reason you want to join the other sorority. Remember, she's still going to be your Panhellenic sister at the end of this week.

If you do want to join their sorority, tell them! Honestly, it's not weird or uncommon. I remember I wasn't sure if I was allowed to say anything, so I asked the sorority woman I was talking to if I could tell her and she was like yes! Of course we want to hear the you want to join our house. That just makes the conversation even more exciting because we can learn why you love our sorority and share our experiences of why we love our sorority. 

I know I only have two questions listed, but you should be having deeper conversations tonight. This is a serious night meant for listening and figuring out who you have created a strong bond with this week.

Why did you decide to join your sorority?

How has your sorority impacted your life?

Insider tip: Do not preference only one house after this night. It's not worth it. Maximize your options by ranking all three (or however many you visit that night). You will be lucky to be a part of any chapter on campus. It's not worth giving up your chance to be a part of Greek Life by gambling that the chapter you love will give you a bid.

DAY 6: Bid Day 

After receiving invitations for membership, women will be bussed to sorority row to their sorority house.

I won't go into too much detail about Bid Day because every sorority does bid day differently and I don't want to spoil the surprise. This day is a lot of fun and you really get to know your new sisters. If you don't receive a bid from the sorority you picked as your top preference, that's okay. Go to the bid day for the sorority that extended you an invitation for membership. Give them a chance and have fun! Take this opportunity to meet the other women in your new member class and don't forget to take a ton of pictures!

If you have any questions about recruitment or some advice of your own, I would love to hear it! :)


  1. Does everyone get a bid

  2. Hi Sara!

    The short answer: yes - most of the time.

    The long answer: Everyone who stays until preference night and maximizes their options by ranking all of their houses that night will receive a bid. The only women who don't end up receiving bids are women who drop out of recruitment, break rules and get kicked out of recruitment (this rarely happens), and women who don't maximize their options on preference night. If you don't maximize your options and only rank your #1 house, there is a big possibility that you could end up without a bid.

  3. Is it possible to receive more than one bid on bid day, or will each PNM receive only one?