Mickey's Sliders

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

mickey's sliders

If you've been looking for a cool place to rehash your drunken adventures from the night before and get over that massive hangover, Mickey's Sliders is for you. 

It was pretty much love at first bite when I tried Mickey's for the first time a few months ago. Their sliders are phenomenal. The perfect cure to any bad day. They are a little over-sized for a slider, but I wouldn't have it any other way. With that said, if you're a girl, do not attempt the Mickey Meal Deal on your own unless you are super super hungry. You definitely can split the Mickey Meal Deal with someone and still be really full. It comes with 2 sliders, a lot of fries, and a drink. Ross and I usually split it, then he orders an extra slider for himself. The meal deal is $11 and individual sliders are usually $3. That's a pretty cheap date! 

mickey's sliders
Pictured: The Micky Meal Deal with The Morning After, The Soul Slider, parmesan fries, and bacon-infused ketchup

My favorite slider on the menu is The Morning After because it gets the job done for your hangover woes. It's a burger with a fried egg and bacon on top. There is nothing better than yolk just dripping out of your burger. Don't ask for it without the chipotle mayo because that will change your life. It's good. I even get it on the side to dip my fries in. 

My second favorite slider is The Soul Slider because it's chicken and waffles on a bun. Actually, the buns really are fluffy, homemade waffles and cooked perfectly. It has a piece of fried chicken in the middle and comes with a side of maple syrup. The chicken has a thin amount of breading on it, which is perfect and you don't feel like you're missing the chicken to your fried goodness.

mickey's sliders

Mickey's Sliders also has specialty items on their menu like the bacon-infused ketchup and their fried Oreos with raspberries and cream cheese icing on top. Get the bacon-infused ketchup every single time you order fries. It's pretty delicious. The fried Oreos are okay. The flavor of the cream cheese, raspberries, and Oreos mixed together is really good, but I guess I wish there was a way to make the Oreo a little crunchier. Maybe if they chopped up some Oreos to throw on top to give it a little crunch, it would be a lot better. While I'm not head over heels for them, I still think you have to try them at least once. 

The atmosphere at Mickey's Sliders is pretty cool and laid back. They're located on University in the same shopping center as Genghis Grill and Golden Corral. I like that the interior is full of pops of red, black, and white. They also have this huge chalkboard with all of the items on the menu that gives this place a chill vibe. There's definitely enough seating if you want to bring a large group, but just be prepared to sit on bar-stools at bar-height tables. They have other regular sized tables that you can push together, but I kinda feel like those should be left for groups with four or less people. I don't have any problem with the seating, but Ross finds the chairs a little uncomfortable.

Overall, I give this my Suzy Speaks stamp of approval. I think this is a great place to for a casual date or to hang out with your friends. Trust me, after eating a slider, you'll want to go back every week.

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