Caffe Capri

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

One of the most talked about Italian places in Bryan/College Station is Caffe Capri. If you live here, you'll hear the Candy 95 radio station giveaway dinner for two from Caffe Capri almost every other week. (Yes, I've tried to win. #noshame) Don't ever attempt to go for dinner Thursday, Friday, or Saturday without a reservation because there's always a line out the door waiting. That's the main reason it's taken me five years to try it. It's always so busy.

Ross and I finally lucked out the other day. We went on a Monday night, so it was pretty empty with the exception of a family eating. (That's actually how I prefer it because I am soooo ADD in crowded places.) 

Caffe Capri is located in Downtown Bryan in an older building and is small on the inside as expected. The limited seating explains why there's always a wait on the weekends. The limited seating is also a reason I wouldn't recommend Caffe Capri for groups larger than four. I believe they have a banquet room you can reserve for large parties, but if you and six of your friends want to go spur of the moment, it's going to be a tight fit in the main restaurant. However, it is the perfect place to go for date night or on a double date. It's perfectly lit for an intimate setting and their booths are the perfect size for two.


Of course, we started out our meal with fried calamari. This is our go to at any Italian place. It was perfectly breaded and there was a hefty amount. You can definitely split this with 2 to 3 other people. While this was delicious, the sauce they brought with the bread to the table was not. It had a strange taste that I'm at a lost of words to describe. Like, it had this sweet taste that just didn't mix well with the oil. Ross and I just pushed it to the side and saved our bread for our pasta dishes. On the bright side, we weren't stuffed from bread before getting our meal. 

For our meal, I ordered their signature dish - tortellini alla capri. If you take one bite, you'll understand why it's their signature dish. It was soooooo delicious. I wanted to lick the plate clean because the creamy pesto sauce was so perfect and light. I'm usually a fast eater, but I slowed down just so I could savor every single bite. Ross tried it too and was a big fan. He ordered the seafood ravioli, which is ravioli stuffed with lobster and crab. He gave me a bite of it and it was amazing too. I kept wishing it would be like Harry Potter and the bowl would just magically refill again so I could keep tasting the flavors. So if you go, definitely order either one of these.

We were so happy with our meal that we decided to treat ourselves to a dessert. Again, our go to at any Italian restaurant is tiramisu. It was phenomenal and probably one of the best tiramisus I've had in Aggieland. It was a good size too. You would be able to split it with one other person and be satisfied. I think the only thing that could have made the dessert better is if they had given me a bigger wine glass. If you saw my Instagram, you saw the picture of me holding the most petite wine glass ever. My hand was swallowing it and I have pretty tiny hands. I almost wanted to ask them to bring me a bigger glass like Ross' but I didn't want to seem like a wino. (But I am...) Maybe they sensed that I was a huge wine drinker and were trying to keep me from drinking the whole bottle. Womp womp. 

Overall, this has the Suzy Speaks seal of approval. Would I call it 'the place for Italian' as they dubbed themselves? Debatable only because of their bread and dipping sauce. I've had fantastic Italian food at other places in Bryan/College Station that also served yummy bread and dipping sauce. Great bread and dipping sauce it just a requirement for me. However, they are definitely at the top of list of Italian places to go in Bryan/College Station. Definitely go here for a first date because it's a safe bet you and your date will get a tasty meal. It's reasonably priced for Italian food and everything was delicious (minus the dipping sauce). And if you like wine like me, ask for a big glass. :) 

You can visit Caffe Capri's website to see their hours and their menu options. 

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