Monday Motivation // 07.21.14

Monday, July 21, 2014

Today's motivation comes from a quote I pinned on Pinterest a couple weeks ago. It resonated with me because I am definitely my biggest critic.

It's so easy to fall into the deep dark pit of doubting yourself or even shaming yourself. If your feelings toward yourself are consistently negative, it creeps into your everyday life without you even realizing it. Your interactions with others start to become negative. They begin to see those negative things about you too only because you keep pointing out your negative feelings through your actions or conversations. One day you look around that dark pit and wonder how you ended up there all alone with your negative thoughts. 

This week I challenge you to reframe your thoughts. Instead of saying you hate/dislike something, try replacing that thought with something you like or take a moment to think of a solution to your problem. For example, this week I kept catching myself talking about how much I didn't like my weight. Yesterday I decided that instead of focusing on my negative feelings toward my body, I should focus on how I love the way I feel about myself after working out. So I went out, bought some headphones, and went for a walk. 

Remember, you're in control of your thoughts and how you feel about yourself. Don't let your negative feelings takeover your life. Challenge yourself to be positive. As hard as it may seem, know that you can do it! 

Happy Monday! 

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