Monday Motivation // 07.28.14

Monday, July 28, 2014

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Am I right? A couple years ago, one of my best friends had the opportunity to travel to Europe with other students from our university. My first response to him was "Ugh, I'm so jealous. SO not fair." Because we're best friends, he felt okay with calling me out. He asked me why I always responded that way when he had good news about something for him. He asked why couldn't I just be happy for him. It caught me off guard because I was happy for him. I didn't realize I was too caught up in my mind about my wants in life that I didn't realize my reaction to his news didn't portray my happiness for him. 

This past week I was again reminded of how important it is to be happy for others. Sometimes, we don't realize we're upsetting people when we're not as happy or excited for them when they have good news. Instead of saying, "I'm jealous" or "That's not fair" or "Why don't I have that", I challenge you to switch to saying "I'm so happy that [XYZ] is happening for you." Share in your friend's joy instead of taking away from it.

Do y'all ever catch yourself saying these phrases? Or do you have a friend who says these things when you have good things happening for you?

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