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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I am so happy that it's fall, y'all. It really is my favorite time of year. The weather typically sits in the seventies here in Texas, which is a really nice break from melting in the sun all summer long. Don't get me wrong. I l-o-v-e summer. Once winter hits here in College Station, I'm begging for it to come. But nothing beats the fall weather and the fall mood. Fall brings soups and pies and boots and sweaters. Cooler weather means more indoor cuddling time with a cozy blanket and good book. Here are some things that are going to make this October a little better. 

Want: Leather Jacket - After reading Alyssa's post about her leather jacket and finds, it really made me want to find my own. I really love BCBG's jacket at Nordstrom for $128. A leather jacket is a great investment for your wardrobe. It just adds a little something-something to your outfit or as Alyssa put it, some sass. I'm all about being sassy, y'all. 

Need: Rain Boots - This is a serious need. Every single time it rains in College Station, I'm reminded that I need a good pair of rain boots. I've bought two pairs from Target, but after wearing them for one rainy season, they always break at the bottom and I get water in my boots. That's no bueno. Hunter boots are a great investment for any girl in rainy areas. I especially love them in black because they can go with anything. Hunter also has a boot line with rag + bone and they are absolutely adorable.

Wear: Long Sweater - I was able to wear my first sweater of the season today and it made me happy happy happy. This sweater from H&M is super adorable and only seven bucks! I'm getting it. I mean, how can I resist? 

Read: Everything Voluntary - With the government shutdown and people shouting politics from the rooftops (more like Facebook/Twitter statuses), it made me interested in learning about Voluntaryism. Ross read this book a while back and recommended it to me. The title pretty much explains it all. Voluntaryists believe that everything we do should be voluntary, not mandatory or compulsory. So far, it's pretty interesting and I recommend you checking it out. It just gives another viewpoint on the world. You can read it online for free, which is really nice and convenient. 

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