Monday Motivation // 05.20.13

Monday, May 20, 2013

Ain't that the truth. It's easy to get caught up in the worries of everyday life and forget to take time for yourself. I've noticed lately that my thinking has been, "I want to do XYZ, but I have all of these other things I need to do." That's not the way to live each day. Time boxing responsibilities that need to be handled helps tremendously

What is this time boxing that I speak of? I actually learned the term from my main man when I interned at his business last summer. Time boxing is limiting the time you spend on a task. For example, I limit myself to 1 hour for cleaning the house so that I don't spend all day working on it. For my blog, I limit myself to 30 minutes of writing so that I don't fall down the rabbit hole. 

Life really is too short to spend all day not making yourself happy. What are tactics you use to make time to do things for yourself?