Monday Motivation // 04.01.13

Monday, April 1, 2013

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Is it really April already? I feel like I was just figuring out my resolutions for the year a couple days ago. 

Sometimes, it really weighs on me that I'm unable to post on here everyday as I would love to do. I honestly told Ross this morning that I should probably take a break until I can focus solely on the blog. However, I thankfully stumbled on over to A Piece of Toast this morning during my usual BlogLovin' reading and saw that they discussed "Balancing a Successful Blog & Days Jobs" at the BOSS magazine. I swear every time I'm going through something, someone blogs about it on their blog with amazing answers that same day. Sally & Molly both reminded me that I just need to do me. It's okay if I can't post here everyday. It's better to post something meaningful every once in a while than force myself to write something that really doesn't represent me. 

The article also reminded me to keep going. Success happens when you push through difficult times, not when you quit. I encourage you to keep going. Whether you're struggling at work, home or school, keep pushing on and things will come together. 

Happy Monday! (Oh, and I guess Happy April Fool's Day, too!)

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