Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday Motivation // 09.15.2014

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The weather this weekend in Texas, y' was phenomenal. I mean, after the rain and flooding subsided, a wonderful cold front came through and made me feel like the season could actually be changing from summer to fall early. (That never happens!) With the seasons changing, it's time for us to transition our mindsets from fun, carefree summertime to a more focused fall.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Office Pretty // Home Office Essentials Under $25

For my job, my office can be anywhere - a local coffee shop, a park bench, at our actual office, or at home on my couch while watching SATC. (Pretty lucky, am I right?) Lately, I've been working more from home, but I've started to put more hours in napping than work. (Whoopsy whoops. I have a comfy couch.) Long story short, I decided to make myself a home office of sorts in my living room so I can still get the benefit of watching SATC and stay awake while working.

The nerd in me immediately started looking for items to make my home office not feel like an office, but an area of inspiration. Offispo, if you will. (Not gonna lie, took me a while to figure out a nickname for office inspiration.) And as a girl who lives on a budget, it's really hard to convince me to buy things nowadays that are over $25 unless I really really need it.

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday Motivation // 09.08.2014

letting go of control

Sometimes, I avoid things when I get overwhelmed and for the past two weeks, I've been extremely overwhelmed. I hate feeling overwhelmed because it makes me feel like I'm losing control of things in my life. It's the losing control that really sends me into avoidance because avoiding things is the only thing I feel like I can control. I retreat into my apartment and I avoid phone calls, blogging, working, cleaning, or doing whatever is overwhelming me.